Uzbekistan wins Gold

Congratulations are in order for Uzbekistan as the youngsters dominated the event from start to finish. They’ll also get to host the Olympiad in 2026 (unrelated to them winning Gold). Budapest will host the Chess Olympiad in 2024.

Predictions after each round are below for us to revisit in 2024 before the Olympiad kicks off!

I want to thank you for following along during the Olympiad! I’ll be back with more predictions during the Sinquefield Cup. Until then!

44th Chess Olympiad Predictions
After Round 10

Country Win %
Uzbekistan 46.8
Armenia 22.6
India 2 17.7
United States of America 9.2
India 3.6
Netherlands 0.04

44th Chess Olympiad Womens Predictions After Round 10

Country Win %
India 74.9
Ukraine 11.3
Poland 7.7
Azerbaijan 3.2
Georgia 2.9

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